HACK SHACK: Chicken Strips

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A Brief History of Chicken Strips
We all know that Chic-fil-a didn’t invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich. But who invented the chicken finger? God? Nope, not even God invented the chicken finger…(chickens don’t have fingers, they only have toes, yeah, they are called toes.) After further and exhaustive research I did find out that most chickens only have four toes except the Dorking, Faverolle, Houden, Sultan, and Non-bearded Silkie Bantams breeds, all of which have five toes. See, now you can impress your friends with useless chicken knowledge.
Back to chicken fingers. Chicken fingers go by a host of different names, chicken tenders, chicken tendies, chicken goujons (don’t you say this all the time?), chicken strips or chicken fillets. But essentially they are breaded and fried tenders of the chicken. The tender is on the back side of the chicken breast, it’s the little “floppy” part of the chicken breast. You can also use the breast sliced up and get the same result. Chicken tenders have been around for a long time, or have they?
Honestly, I thought the chicken tender had been around since the dinosaur age. But nope, they are a considerably new invention, dating back only to the 1940’s. Turns out they were invented in Georgia (by accident!) A group of guys were experimenting for their breaded chicken sandwich and trimming a breast and battered and fried the trimmings, and exclaimed “WHOA NELLY! This is awesome!” (paraphrased). The rest is, obscure, history. You can visit the home of the chicken tender in Savannah Georgia by going to Spanky’s. I am not making this up. Go to Spanky’s and have their fried fowl, apparently it is delicious.
Our chicken strips at Evolve are kinda like theirs, only not at all. We use 100% all natural chicken tenders, hand breaded in almond flour and baked. It’s like the Richard Simmons of chicken breasts, healthy and nutty. You can check out our hack shack video if you are interested in how we make ours, or if you don’t want to make your own, order several online by clicking the link below. Make sure you order by Friday at 10am for Sunday delivery or pickup, or stop in the store next week.
And you thought this article was going to be a cluckin waste of time…


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