The New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

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So, I know it doesn’t feel like spring right now, but bear with me. Officially, spring is right around the corner. March 20th starts a new season, and like many people, I like to do a little spring cleaning. Winter just seems to bring out my inner hoarder and I find myself holding on to things I just don’t need. They certainly don’t spark joy. While I may not be refolding all of my t-shirts into perfect little squares, I will definitely be dusting off all of my outdoor gear and tidying up the house. A less well known and equally important form of spring cleaning I like to participate in is and internal spruce up.

Out with the Old, In with the GOODSpring cleaning inside and out blog post

Whether you’ve abandoned your resolutions, are feeling low on energy, have a vacation coming up, or are just wanting a fresh start; try a little spring cleaning in your gut! Not only will you be bringing your freshest self into the new season, you’ll feel great, too. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do a little bit of gut cleansing. We offer meals that are compatible with Paleo, 30 day detoxes, sugar detoxes and Keto. A great place to start is to decide what you’d like to clean out of your system. Maybe it’s sugar or diary. Maybe it’s carbs. Maybe it’s any and all sweeteners. Maybe you just want to lose weight or get toned up. Chances are, we’ve got something to help you out.

Finding the Right “Cleaner”

Paleo is the broadest and most inclusive option. It eliminates grains, processed sugars and dairy. Nearly everything else is fair game. 30 day detoxes are typically void of any added sweeteners and otherwise paleo. This is a great option if you have a sweet tooth and want to cut back. If you want to get a little more intense with your sugar cravings, a 21 day sugar detox might be for you. It not only eliminates added sweeteners, but prohibits starchy veggies and naturally sweet tasting foods like sweet potatoes, cashews, fruit, etc. This will really help with your gut health, but is also a bit of a mental detox as well since it addresses the sugar cravings. Finally, we have keto which is very low carb, high fat and moderate protein. This is the number one options for weight loss and is the ultimate fat burning diet. Whichever method of spring cleaning you chose for your gut, set some goals, make a plan and get to it!

Check out this weeks menu and see the delicious items we have with your spring cleaning choice.


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